Friday, March 17, 2006

I Did It! Goal #1 Complete!

I skiied all day. Well, with a break for lunch. The first couple of runs, I was a little shakey and had one or two small spills. By the third run I was getting my old style back and could turn and stop properly. By mid day I was adding some speed and style. By 3 p.m. I was holding my head high, soaking in the sun and relishing every fresh-air minute! I quit an hour before the lifts closed because my knees were getting tired. I learned first hand (years ago) that pushing tired knees can result in injury.

Oh, and then there was the detour to go with the vehicle to pick up A and his friend from the other side of the mountain where they ended up when they got "lost." Thankfully a good samaritan was hiking the area, told them where they were and how to get to the highway and loaned "A" her cell phone so he could call and tell me where to find them. Sheesh. I couldn't even be mad at him. The 6 km ski/hike out (in inflexible ski boots) and 20 minute wait made for a good lesson. They went back and skiied for the rest of the day until the lifts closed (where does he get the energy?) and wondered why I didn't want him going back to the same back bowl where he got lost. My friend (mother of three teens) reminds me at age 13, his frontal lobe is not developed to the point where he is even capable of exercising good judgement.

As for me, other than the "lost" episode, it was a perfect day. I love skiing. Next year, we buy a multi-use discount card for me too!

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