Thursday, April 06, 2006

In the still of the night

I love staying up late.

I love the quietness.

I love the meanderings through good writing on the internet.

I love sorting out my thoughts and getting things done.

I can think.

I can write.

I know I need my sleep, but I treasure this time.

I want to be a writer.

But it just seems like so much work.

I used to think that about losing weight.

Once begun, it became a satisfying labour.

Writing would be too.


  1. Hi Slow'n'Steady! I am with you on the late night thing. It was 2 in the morning when I was typing up that booklist. I often owrk on my blog late at night even though I know I need the sleep... it seems like a good time - to think - gather thoughts - work on picking the "just right" word.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Come back again and visit :)

  2. owrk?? work...

    typos seem to be some of the casualties of late night forays...

  3. The Spring course brochure for the Alexandra Writers Centre is up at their website,

    Just FYI :)

    There's even a poetry course ...