Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yeah, Baby!

That's Peter Maher's favorite expression when the Calgary Flames score a goal. They did that with style on Friday night... defeating Minnesota Wild 2-1. My fav flame Lombardi was on the ice for both goals, as speedy and hardworking as ever, frustrating the opposition and making things happen. He was one of the three "stars."

B and I made a lovely night of it with our hockey tournament silent auction purchase of two club seats for the game and dinner beforehand in the Avison Young Club at the Saddledome. Sitting in the Club section makes you feel like part of privileged class, even if you aren't. The seats are wider, there are drink holders, you can order refreshments from the servers who bring it right to your seat. It's one notch above regular seating and one notch below box seats.

The Club dinner is an optional purchased buffet in the Club dining room, with the option of returning to your table after first period to enjoy your dessert and refresh your beverage. I stuck quite closely to my allowed food list, though the giant chocolate rum balls certainly did their best to seduce me. Those buffet desserts always look much better than they actually end up tasting anyway! The fresh fruit tray sufficed quite nicely, thank you, and we were early enough in the seating times so B could enjoy the best of the raspberries and blueberries sprinkled sparingly amongst more seasonal items.

I doubt I could ever have sufficient "disposable income" to ever justify season tickets in the club section, but it certainly makes attending a hockey game much more civilized. I guess, if you're responsible in stewarding what you have, then once in a great while, it's nice to splurge on the un-necessities.

Yeah, baby!

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