Thursday, April 13, 2006


When I was small, you kissed away the pain of my little "owies."
When I was 12, you hugged away the anguish of my first broken heart.
Whenever I was sick, you eased the fever, soothed the pain 

and stood by me through the worst; holding your strong, soft hand on my forehead.
When I was a teen, you cautioned away my foolishness with: "Remember Whose you are."
When I left home, you prayed a hedge around me.
When I gave birth, you stood beside me, comforting as only a mother can.


Always writing letters of encouragement, each one filled with scripture, 
poems, articles and tracts which time and again were exactly what I needed.

Always working, tending to your household from the wee hours 'til late night; 

from ironing hankies and white shirts for seven boys 
to making the best pot roast ever for all your grandkids.

Always baking, with flour on the table and sometimes on your face 
you'd make an angel food cake (for each birthday); New Year's cookies (every year); 
and the World's greatest cinnamon rolls (far too often).

Always developing my imagination -- through books and playing pretend, 

helping me imagine the throw rugs were houses with secret passages. What fun times we've had!

Always grooming me -- trimming my bangs, arriving at school on picture day 

to comb my hair just right, but warning me not to be too prissy or self-centered.

Always quoting "
The Greatest Test" -- the poem I now can pray by heart 
and shared with my church in dedication to you last Mother's Day.

Always teaching that anything less than my best wasn't good enough; 

how sock should be sorted, how to find bargains and save money; 
helping me memorize scripture, my timeless treasure; 
giving visual illustrations to help me learn my songs--
All For Jesus" and "Can A Little Child Like Me."

Teaching me important life principles such as: 

sipping 7-Up and nibbling crackers settles the tummy; 
oatmeal sticks to your ribs and breakfast is the most important meal of the day 
(while sending egg on toast with me as I rushed out the door to school).

Always waking me with scriptural music and a cheery voice; 

putting me to sleep with stories about Cindy-Sue and Lindy-Lu 
while you gave me the best back rubs ever! We love to talk, don't we?!

Always praying for me as you do for each child -- to know God's will and follow it.

Encouraging my faith through
your example of trust in God's provision and direction,
your constant attitude of prayer and
your sensitivity to God's word.

Always faithful. Always hopeful. Always loving.
Always giving. Always giving. ALWAYS GIVING!

Mom, you are the warmth of my life,
the best human example I have seen of unconditional love.
If only time would allow me to give back all that you deserve.
But, I will do what I can, and what I cannot give back to you
because of time and distance, I will endeavor to give my own child instead.
And so, your legacy will continue.

Thank you, not just for giving me birth, but for giving me life!
A wonderful life. I love you.

Your only daughter,
December 19, 1994

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