Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Goodbye, Team!

We had our hockey team wind-up party tonight. I worked feverishly most of the night and half the day to ensure our coaches' gifts were finished. I gave them Creative memories deluxe photo album keepsakes with pictures of our highlight events through the year and written feedback from all the players.

It was a perfect conclusion to the best year of hockey we have had since Andrew started. Great parents, good kids, enough wins to keep us happy and a high level of respect and care from the coaches. And in true form, our one player with anger-management issues managed to throw one last temper tantrum to finish off the year. I guess he thought two other players needed showers so he dumped his drink on them. :-) I have my own anger management issues, so I just wanna go give the big lug a hug.

Goodbye, Bantam Warriors, I will miss you.

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