Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My dog is in one of Those moods. I was gone all evening and she insists I must make up for it by lavishing affection on her until she's had her fill. Oh, she is very polite about it, lifting her right foot and pawing my arm gently. On needier days, she forcefully nuzzles underneath my hand so that I will lift it off the laptop, stop typing and run my hand over her head. There's simply no winning against that insistent behavior.

It's nice to have a warm, furry creature begging for your love. She looks adoringly into my eyes, then closes them in ecstasy when I reach the favorite scratching spot behind her ears. Something happens for me too, as I palm the soft texture of her back, rubbing down to the tail and off to the side haunches. She grunts contentedly when I reach to pet her tummy in between thoughts.

She used to expect petting but would sit down just out of my reach. Thankfully, she comes closer now and is more determined for my attention. She is not brave, but she is strong and looks like an Ewok or teddy bear.I appreciate her warmth and comfort against the back of my knees as we both settle down to sleep in bed. 

We didn't name her. The breeder did and we inherited her name with her, the whole kennel and caboodle. We sometimes call her Bernie but she only obeys to Bernadette. The name is the feminine form of Bernard, of French and Old German origin. It means, quite appropriately, "strong, brave bear."

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