Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prayer Changes

Things, people, circumstances, God's mind...and ME.

The coolest thing happened Tuesday. We've recently welcomed another couple into our Life Group, now we are 12. They seemed eager to host the group so we were scheduled to be at their place at 7:15.

That morning, she felt the normal twinges of an oncoming Migraine. It had already started. She lay down on the sofa and prayed.

"God, you know that I want so much to host the Life Group this evening. Could you please take away my headache?" She knew that for us to make alternative arrangements we would need to know as soon as possible. She went on to say that she told God that she knew he might have a different plan, but she asked God if it was His will, that he would relieve her headache by 9 a.m.

At quarter to 9, she got up and has had no effects of the migraine left. She hosted us and we had amazing discussion and then fellowshipped, talked, and laughed ourselves silly over tea, cookies and stories.

God answers prayer. But as Oswald Chambers says, "Prayer is not about getting hold of the answer. It is about getting hold of God who gives the answer."

Get hold of God today. Tune into his frequency. Listen, trust, believe and obey.

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