Friday, August 07, 2009

A Brief History of the last two days

The Leadership Summit rocked my world. All of the speakers were good. Leaders of renown. Experts in their fields. The two that impacted me the most were Wess Stafford and Tim Keller.

Being a writer, I should be able to articulate concisely what each one spoke about. However, the impact was so personal, I cannot, will not, try to do so. Not here, not now. Some quotes may surface in future posts.

What I will say is the Leadership Summit was, for me, a spiritual renewal. A place to come away and hear the voice of God, be motivated to forgive, to understand the radical nature of the gospel, to respond to the call to action on behalf of the poor and the lost, to lead others with whom I have influence and to live authentically - dependent on the grace and mercy of my Saviour rather than on my own "goodness."

Yeah. Just two short days in the life of a woman who thought it was all down hill from here.

Ramp it up, baby.

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