Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cheery Ohs

red leaves burn before a blue backdrop
new crayons, fresh playdough
mown grass, campfire, crunchy golden delicious
primary colours, purple iris
ancient streams that move glacier speed through granite
gentle waves lapping at lake shore
effervescent soda sucked through crushed ice
dew under warm sunshine
sparkle of newborn drool
and childlike eyes
candlelight, Christmas lights
crunchy snow, tea, cozy quilt
slipping cold hands into a warm pocket,
chilled body into a warm bath
pumice-smooth feet, pinked toenails
chisel that removes unnecessary marble
fresh white writing pad under the firm grip of a yellow No. 2
rich black dirt blended by hand
a planted garden
anticipation of first crocus
grey Lava soap scraping grease from hard-worked fingers
tousled head pillowed on mother’s bosom
fresh cinnamon rolls
best friend’s smile
cold milk

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