Sunday, November 01, 2009

Why I Twitter

I twitter for the same reason I blog:
I'm an explorer.

I want to discover people. What they're thinking, reading, believing. Because those who choose to "follow" all have different reasons for doing so, I write what is interesting and impactful to me, just like when I share good news or new discoveries with my friends face to face. They can follow the links I share (or not). Their choice. If by one little tweet, I can change one life, I have changed the world.

I follow poets, philosophers, sages, preachers and helpful people. I unfollow those who are selling products/services. I block people selling their body. I try to manage my time. I blog, then I send a tweet with the link. Just like a referee or linesman, a tweet on a whistle means something. So I try to make sure my tweets do. "Stop. Pay attention. Here's where you're going out of bounds." In the woods, on the mountain, I use a whistle to tweet very loudly so that the bears know I'm coming. Not constantly, because that would be annoying to my hiking companions and defeat the purpose of being in the quiet of nature. In cyberspace, I tweet very loudly about my faith once in a while. Not constantly, because that would be annoying to my Twitter companions.

It's not for everyone, but we're called to be salt and light, people. Shake it around, turn up the lamp. Choose your place, choose your technology (or not) but be ready always to give an answer to those who ask the reason for the hope that you have. Make sure you've first filled up and fueled up in God's word and His presence. Without that, you really have nothing eternally important to share.

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