Saturday, November 13, 2010

Times, They are a Changin'

I wanted to sleep longer but my bed and my body were in disagreement, so here I am at Starbucks holding a warm bowl of oatmeal and waiting for my latte.

It feels like I am on the cusp of a big Something. A change. A move. An announcement. An Opportunity.  Or perhaps it’s just that five hours of uninterrupted sleep has resurrected Fragile Hope. Or should my skeptic win, it’s my fantastical imagination projecting the idea that I won’t have to go home and do the mundane next thing of sorting mail, paying bills and filing the pile that is too easy to neglect in the corner of the office.

I neither appreciate people who whine (including myself), nor those who broadcast their accomplishments (including myself, sometimes). So I will mull out loud (with the two of you who have made it this far) about why we (okay, I) like to correct others for their sub-standard behavior.

Like the woman driving like a bat out of…you know, on a Saturday morning, tail gating, then cutting me off on her way to the grocery store. I initially thought, what in the world could be so important, but now as I muse about the wider possibilities, I think it could be if she doesn’t get the coffee cream home before her alcoholic husband gets up (or maybe even if she does…) there will be …you know… to pay.

Some of us spend our lives “should”ing all over each other.

She should
- drive slower
- wear less make-up
- call more often
- stop gossiping
He should
- not butt in line
- walk the dog
- make dinner once in a while
They should
- make laws I agree with
- stay in their own country
- lower my taxes
I should
- get a manicure
- lose a few pounds
- be nicer

What did you add to the list? I could go on “should”ing for hours, not considering what might be impacting his/her/their ability to measure up to my standards. Trouble is, and I think most of us know this – deep down – I can only change myself. But it’s easier to deflect and point to the failings of others. So for today, my Big Change will be to do small things better. After all, if you take care of the centimeters, the kilometers will take care of themselves.

I will begin to
- set boundaries
- attend to my own life and let God deal with others if He thinks they need it.
- give only what I can afford
- take time for Sabbath rest: pursuing my deepest Joy
- be grateful
- affirm others
- process my mail

Thanks for sharing my coffee break with me. You’re a better friend than I realized.


  1. Joyce, I love you.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post and could relate - it is so easy to be critical of others when what we really need to do is attend to ourselves and our own shortcomings.

  3. Right on Joyce!

    Brenda C

  4. Hi Joyce,

    If you have 40 minutes, listen to this message. The series started the week before, but we are still talking about this one...