Friday, March 02, 2018

One Word Check-Up

Just putting this back up here to keep it in the forefront of my mind. (If you're new to this blog or the One Word concept, see my January 3 post.)

On the upside: 
  1. I've gone deeper in my workouts. Literally. I do deep water workouts at the pool three times per week, pushing myself to target specific muscle groups, mixing cardio with strengthening and stretching.
  2. I've gone deeper into Bible study, pulling out the concordance and dictionary to expand my understanding. 
  3. I've searched out new creative outlets via Threaducation (needlework, crazy quilt, banners, embroidery animation) workshops and visited a museum exhibit to delve into the history and view various examples through the centuries. 
  4. I've gone deeper into my own personal soul care via a 30-day reflection as my choice for the lenten season.
On the downside,
  1. It's touching some deep pain. Not quite what I expected with this One Word experience, but it's good. Delving into pain can be like diving. You need protective gear and plenty of oxygen. You can't stay down there forever, you have to limit the pressure and take it slow, surfacing to replenish yourself and rest before diving again. But you see things you wouldn't see if you didn't go to the depths.
  2. I've discovered that being still is a skill I do not yet possess. I'm always thinking. Or doing. Or sleeping. Or talking. To "be still and know" seems counter-intuitive. I learn best by doing. Or so I thought. But it's impossible to "be still and do." So it follows that "knowing" is not the same as "learning." God doesn't say, "Be still and learn I am God." 

Going deeper:

How do I know my husband? I spend much time with him. I listen. I watch. I question. Some of my favorite times are when we are just sitting still, together, in the love-seat, his arm around me, and we are just quiet together. No music. No TV. No phones. Not even any talk. We have plenty of the rest through the day.

Why should it be any different with my Creator? 

Translating physical stillness to spiritual stillness will be a continuing part of this journey as I explore what it means to "know" God.

Of course I learn, study, pursue, explore, converse, engage, with others and with God. I regularly do this. But being still? That is going deeper. 

Please understand, this is not "all or nothing" or "one or the other." Nor is it an emptying of the mind. I'm no expert, but it seems it is making room, holding space, becoming mindful of God. 

Take a deep breath now. Exhale. Breathe regular and even. Dive into stillness. 

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