Thursday, December 06, 2018

On Loan from God (Guest Poet)

My father was a poet, preacher, and songwriter. I came across one of his poems today that is quite timely after yesterday's blog post. It's intriguing to me to hear my father echoing words and feelings that I myself now experience. We are, after all, not so different, he and I. 

On Loan from God
Alternate Title: "Earth's Family Cycle"
by Frank P. Nickel

We take our infants in our arms.
No sacrifice, just joy!
And soon they take steps of their own –
our precious girls and boys.

They trust us so, and we in turn
don’t want to let them down
but we will fail, and they must learn
that God is God alone.

Reminded they’re just lent to us,
both for our joy and trust
and if we’d help them reach their goals,
show trust and hope we must.

Then comes the time to take hands off,
but heart-strings still hold fast;
and God keeps working, till one day
we’re satisfied, at last.

They find their niche in this wide world
by grace of God above,
and that is what it’s all about:
when they express God’s love.

Frank P. Nickel,
December 1980

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Photo Credit: Deposit Photos #8995377, standard license

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