Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Recollection and Detachment

The meaning of Advent has deepened in me this year through the readings and practices I wrote about here.

I'd like to share an excerpt (generously shared today by the author) from Pilgrim Year: Advent by Steve Bell. He speaks of recollection and detachment as spiritual practices to prepare ourselves to receive Christ.

"Advent recollection is the hard spiritual practice of stepping away from the fray, gathering back the fragmented bits of ourselves that we’ve scattered across the multiverse and finding ourselves once again – calm, collected and of sound mind – in possession of ourselves and ready to receive the Christ child."

On Advent detachment, Steve writes: " is naive to think we should have the capacity to attach to Christ if we are endlessly entangled by myriad lesser attachments....step out of the fray into silence, solitude and fasting; ...where there is little to distract; (allow) time to detox from the culture of endless, empty consolations and fruitless attachments..."

Create for yourself the opportunity to feel what you truly hunger.

Read the full excerpt here: It's the Fast that Makes the Feast

Photo 1: Ben White on Unsplash
Photo 2: Pilgrim Year: Advent

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