Friday, September 29, 2006

How to Acknowledge A Big Accomplishment

Today as I spoke to a National Sport Academy staff member regarding my son's selection to the AAA Bantam hockey team, he offered his glad congratulations and asked "So, did you get him a card?"

I'm not one who has ever been good at remembering special days and even worse at sending a card, so this thought had not crossed my mind. But, I thought, it's a great idea. A card to commemorate external recognition: making the cut. The culmination of all the years of time and effort invested in learning to become the best hockey player/goaltender he can be at age 13. A way to express to him how incredibly grateful we are for his ability to continually amaze us with his gifts, talents and athletic prowess. A written expression of how proud we are of him.

I zipped over to the mall after we dropped him off at practice (he always wants to arrive an hour early so that he can anchor a spot in the dressing room that accommodates his oversized equipment bag). I found a book vendor's display in the atrium. I began to look for Dr. Suess' O The Places You'll Go (1) thinking it might be appropriate, but instead came across Karen Kingsbury's Let Me Hold You Longer.

I nearly cried, it was so perfect (for me). If you click on the link, read Karen's comments and download a chapter. I think you'll want your own copy. I think I may get enough to give to every baby shower for a boy baby from now on. :-)

I wrote a glowing personal inscription to my boy on the inside cover and gave him the book after practice. He had me read it to him before bed as I rubbed his back.

Will that be his last bedtime story? I hope not.

Go hug your kid! I did.

(He hugged back)

(1) A great graduation gift
- read the poem here
- play the game here


  1. Hi! It's nice when your kids appreciate these gestures!

  2. Oh my - that sounds like a fabulous book. I was thinking of exactly that action - my son jumping into my arms - yesterday on his 21st birthday. Do you know the book by Robert Munsch "I Love You Forever" (I think it's called)? This one sounds like it's in the same category.

  3. Definitely. I cried when I read that one - bought it, made up my own tune to the poem and sang it to him frequently. :-) It's in the bottom drawer of my nightstand still.