Monday, October 02, 2006

Breezy Living and Full Sails

I started my new job today. It was quiet, pleasant and uneventful. It's no coincidence that the scripture I read before bed last night was Psalm 86. The verse that has been scrolling on my screensaver for months now is Ps. 86:11.

Guide me, O Lord, that I may be true to thee and follow thy path. Psalm 86:11 (NEB)

I really feel God guided me to this place, even though I would have rather run screaming the other direction a few months ago. I'm happy to be here.

I sang with full heart and full lungs in the praise band for three weekend services. The drummer helped raise us all to 85 decibels. The entire place was exuberant and electric. Our God is amazing. Read Romans. (S)he who fears God fears nothing else. Through Jesus, he's done for us what we could never do for ourselves and he's attained for us what we could never attain for ourselves. Hear more here. (Sept. 30 - Controversial Heart Cry)

We attended the card signing Saturday morning for my son's AAA team. Director of Hockey Development for women's hockey in Canada is a consultant with our organization and gave a great pep talk. "Raise your expectations, parents," he challenged us. "These boys are good."

I spent quality time feeding my soul by having great individual visits with several friends last week before my days are turned to work matters. My friend Di spent a couple nights. We shared some meals, some hugs, some tears, some memories and made new ones. There's nothing like roots that go deep into the soil of friendship and have been watered with faithfulness through the years.

More deep roots were stirred as I lunched with Jean on Wednesday and Pat on Sunday. I finished off the summer discussion group Saturday for "Stand Against the Wind" and we agreed to continue meeting to study and discuss "Purpose Driven Life." I connected with three of my Dr. B companions - one wildly successful in releasing her weight, one on a plateau, one stalled. I love them all. I've also been in all three places. I'm settling on stability.

My son asked me to buy "The House" by Frank Peretti & Ted Dekker. It's a thriller/horror story and he hasn't be able to put it down. It will fulfill his entire Language Arts reading requirement for term 1 but may keep him awake at night. I think I will suggest something a little more balanced next time. Hmmm. He's not sleeping on the floor any more. I don't think I can handle reading the book to see what the fuss is about. I'm a non-fiction reader.

My husband worked most of yesterday and today. He's presenting a session at work on negotiating.... something he's very good at, as 26 years with the same company will bear witness.... saving them money and being rewarded accordingly.

Church, hockey, work.

Somewhere there should be more sleep.

Go hug your kid.


  1. Growth and Peace seem to be words that come to mind as I think over your blog updates these past few months. It makes my heart glad!

  2. I'll read it - drop it off sometime! (and if you knew how I felt about Frank Peretti, you'd know how good a friend I'm being here!!!!!)

  3. Thanks for the affirmation, Brad, and for the support, poet.

    reading book reviews gives me a good idea about Peretti.

    I wonder if people wrote a "life review" of my life like they write "book reviews" - what it might say... perhaps that's what Brad was saying?

    There may be growth but battles still happen. Lots of internal battles.

  4. It's good to hear the job is going well...I thought it would.