Friday, June 22, 2007

Playing Like a Girl

I think that's a compliment now.

Our TTNW (Team That Never Wins) softball was last night. Everyone got on base at least once, some three and four times. We loaded the bases several times, but ended up not being able to capitalize on it. I had a hit every time I was at bat and made it all the way around the bases once, but the run didn't count because the runner was tagged out at second for the third out.

Our pitcher is injured (bicycling injury - tore his MCL) but he played catcher and batted anyway (got on base twice with base hits). He had to play because we were short one for a full roster. The other 12 healthy, athletically-skilled people on our roster didn't bother showing up. We played with six women, three healthy men and one injured man. Our substitute pitcher never pitched a game before last night and she struck more people out in one game than we have struck out all year.

My greatest joy (and the compliment I will live on for a month) was this. When I came to the plate the third time, the pitcher yells to his team: "Guys, are you paying attention? This girl can HIT!"

And then, next grounder I fielded at second base I turned into a double play by tagging the runner and thowing the batter out at first. :-) I also got two runners out by fielding the batter's ground ball and throwing to the shortstop who ran to cover second. MVP was suggested. :-)

Oh. We lost 30-4.
Who cares?!

I did my part!

Playin' like a girl...
Lovin' the taste of dirt.

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  1. your last two lines - great start, or end, for a poem.

    Also are you coming to the InScribe conference with me this year? Violet is leading poetry workshops (I think)
    Also do you want to go for a walk some night this week? and do you want to come to a Writer's group Monday night? (it might just be you and I ...)

    okay all done with questions - can you tell I can't find your phone number OR your e-mail address and I'm at work? :)