Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hawaii - Day 3

Late docking, but this time our luxury coach driver was Dwayne. He talked with a purpose. He told us what time to be back on the bus. He explained everything.

Dwayne was a Hawai’ian. He was lovely. You could tell the moment you saw him. He was wearing a santa hat. He was our guide on our “Best of Maui” tour.

We went up the beautiful ‘Iao Valley to the ‘Iao Needle, a 2,250 foot cinder cone pinnacle that pierces the clouds and dominates the lush surroundings. We then enjoyed a trip through the Maui Tropical Plantation with agricultural villages, macadamia nut orchards, sugar cane fields and flower gardens. We watched a coconut husking demonstration (wow) and tasted fresh fruit and coffee (yum). Then lunch and a short drive over to Maui Ocean Centre – where we got acquainted with a number of the fish and other creatures that inhabit the water around Maui. The glass tunnel through the giant aquarium was the highlight as we watched stingrays; sharks (even a tiger shark) and many other creatures sail by.

After that ethereal experience, we got more practical and once everyone was back at the cruise ship, Dwayne took us to Wal-Mart where we got some necessities. We met up unexpectedly with a lovely family of three who allowed us to share their cab back. I then joined in the Christmas Eve service and afterwards we had the most sumptuous dinner at the Skyline dining room.

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