Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And another one bites

The move....ahh, the move....How do I hate moving? Let me count the ways...

Someone at the alarm company didn't put the system in test mode when requested, so when the technician tested our monitoring system today and intentionally set off the siren, dispatch thought it was a real alarm, couldn't get through to verify because the phone company hasn't connected my phone yet (that's another story), so they followed protocol and...


BOTH the police AND the fire department showed up at the door, sirens blaring.

Now I know how long it takes for them to arrive. In a real crisis I'd be robbed and burned before they got here. I get the awards for Most Effective Way to Alienate the Neighbors AND Best Way to Freak Out the Dog (who in the excitement was all a bit overwhelmed and christened the laundry room floor).

On the upside, the sun was shining today, I've gotten into a regular cleaning rotation with Maid for a Day, I saw the mountains briefly, and even though it's minus 52 with wind chill, my furnace works well and all of the primary living areas are now habitable. I ended the day with a massage. Definite upside.

My life is crazy busy but re-reading the above paragraph, I think I'm spoiled. I'll be better soon... once everything is outside the box.

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  1. My sympathies! But at least you didn't have to pack. Hope things settle down to normal soon.