Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Wee Hours

I'm wide awake.

Does anyone else process ALL the thoughts and issues of the day into the wee hours?

The coffee at 9 pm wasn't a good idea, but I'm usually up this late anyway.

The hockey game was late. 9:30-10:45 pm. My son's team lost in a squeaker, 4-3. If only they could stay out of the penalty box. Hard to score when you're NOT On the ICE. Had they won, they'd be in the championship final for their division.

I shouldn't work from home. It doesn't feel right to bring the tension of my workload into the sanctuary of my quiet place. Yet I can't work away from home for the number of hours I need to put in. This is coming to a head and I have to address it. Soon.


Your wisdom.
Your vision.
Your guidance.
Your plan.

May my eyes be open to see.
Ears to hear.
Heart to obey.
Feet to follow.

This is the way...

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