Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jasper Travelogue 3

This isn't really much about Jasper, it's really all about my son and his competition. Today was Dual Moguls. Basically, two skiers do a simultaneous mogul run and if both of them do equivalent tricks on the two jumps and don't crash, whichever one crosses the finish line first moves on to the next heat.  This is tough when two excellent skiers are competing against each other.

One of the skiers in our club won gold.  Everyone attended a banquet tonight where awards were given out. A won a door prize: new ski pants.  4 sizes too small.  He gave it to a younger skier.  There's one more set of competitions tomorrow: aerials and table top.  A is in table top - in the afternoon.

Today I arrived quite late, but didn't miss anything. Unfortunately, one of the female skiers in our club crashed badly during a training run and had to be taken off the hill strapped to a board.  As a result, the start of the race was delayed by about 90 minutes.  There were two other bad crashes elsewhere on the hill later in the day - no one we know.

I didn't ski much but as I was heading down on my last green run, I realized how much I enjoyed that type of skiing.  I could navigate the blacks and the blues but I could relax and have fun on the greens.  We can also ski right to the parking lot at Marmot.  And it's so beautiful - as if you have been planted right smack dab in the center of the best of the Rocky Mountains.  It would be great to come back for a long weekend - to ski in the winter or hike in the summer.

I missed my hubby on this trip.  He takes care of so many things.  It makes it easy to relax and there's half as much to think about and/or remember, because he's always taking care of it.  Thankfully, one of the other boys in the club and his dad were here on their own so they took A to the hill every morning and I was able to take my time getting ready.  That will help greatly tomorrow when I need to pack everything up on my own and check out.  We'll be going home straight from the ski hill.  It's about a four hour drive in good weather, but it's supposed to snow, so hopefully it won't be too treacherous.

The best part about this trip was the boys got to hang out.  They competed during the day, we had supper, then they played X-box 360 in our room the rest of the night.  Every night.  I loved watching the interaction between them all - at one point there were five of them, all crowded around the 7 inch portable DVD player they had to use as a monitor for the game.  There was a big TV in the room, but the hotel had it programmed so that you couldn't use it as a game monitor... something about their contract with a company that provides GameCube access for a fee.

Andrew was the oldest of the five and when one boy repeatedly used a swear word in frustration, Andrew smoothly suggested alternate expletives like "Why not crum or crud or even sarcasm - 'Isn't that just fantastic.'"  Firmly but kindly, he did this more than once in a non-offensive, non-embarrassing, non-confrontational manner - friend to friend.  It opened my eyes to a side of my son that I haven't had the privilege of seeing before now. 

It's been a good five days.  I even read an entire book over this timeframe.  Fiction. (I never read fiction). I'll enjoy getting home, but this was truly my spring break as well as A's.  I am grateful.

Thanks for listening.

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