Friday, February 17, 2012

Gifts in Giving and Serving

Joy Dare, Feb. 17 

This question was a gift. I realized how little I give and serve in contrast to how much I would like to serve. Right now my job consumes a great deal of time. Productive time to be sure, but it does limit my ability to determine how I contribute as a volunteer. Out of necessity, I've limited myself to only one volunteer commitment per week, where I serve as a facilitator in a 12-step group. 141. Seeing the women find freedom and learn how much God loves them is an eternal reward. My heart bursts. Nothing tops that.

142. I'm happy and content when I give at work. Giving must be done willingly or it isn't giving at all, it is duty. Giving must be voluntary. If it is ordered, then it is obedience, not giving. There are also gifts we can name in duty and obedience, but that is a different blog post. Working is about serving, at least in my job it is. Where would we be in life if no one served? 

143. I make it possible for others to make lifelong memories when I help coordinate or promote an event. What satisfaction, to be able to help others make memories. 

144. We support three children. Two through Compassion and one through World Vision. When I see the automatic deductions come off our bank account, I feel a surge of gratitude. It is my privilege to contribute to the lives of three little boys whose lives are exponentially better because we are able to give. I give my words and hand-written notes to them through their sponsoring organization. I imagine how excited they might be when they receive a letter from me. 145. It makes my heart glad. 

"It is in giving that we receive."

What is the greatest gift you have realized by giving or serving? 

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