Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Joy Dare, Day Whatever

No sarcasm really intended. Joy comes as I reflect on the good in my life, but it's a human battle against the "list" and the listlessness that seems to be part of my temperament. A lifelong habit, of first looking at what's wrong with the world, is not easily broken. I admire one friend who has faithfully blogged each day on the prompts from the February list. But I write about whatever, whenever. I will not be legalistic and beat myself up because I'm not writing every day or not following the suggestions.

Today I'm asked to write about three gifts in working. I add them to the gifts already numbered.

116. Autonomy: I can go, at midnight, to finish what I couldn't on Friday. The gift is the freedom of autonomy. I know what needs to be done and I do it. No one is telling me or policing me. I should hope not, at my age, with my level of experience. I self manage. I worked more than my paid 36 hours. I usually do.

117. Purpose: In the wrong job, I could not say I was self-motivated. Here I am, even though some of the work is mundane, most of it is satisfying and stimulating, and it is mine to do. It is a gift given and (mixed blessing) it never seems to run out.

118. Mastery: I had three separate, unrelated, unsolicited affirmations this week of those who really appreciate my contribution. One even described me as patient. It is a gift when someone holds up a mirror and I see something in myself that displays the glory and grace of God: patience is a fruit of the spirit. I haven't always had it, in fact there are times too often when I still lose it, but I try to hide from people then so no one gets hurt feelings. I am grateful for spirit control. A gift from Him I simply receive.

What gifts do you receive in working? Even if you aren't paid for it. Share your thoughts in the comments below or link to your own list.

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