Monday, February 20, 2012

Joy Dare: Gifts at Mealtimes

If you asked me, “What gift did you receive at breakfast?” I would answer, “None, as I did not get up for breakfast.” Perhaps the gift (156) is that I was catching up on my sleep uninterrupted after the dog kept waking me during the night. Sleep is a gift.

If you ask me, “What gift did you receive at lunch?” Why, that I can answer with a long and lengthy list. 157. I got to go to my favorite breakfast place, Cora’s, and have a delightful crepe with fruit and custard, along with a good cup of coffee and some bacon on the side.  158. I had a nice visit with my hubby and then we visited friends. 159. He washed the vehicle. 160. He cleaned up the dishes and started the laundry.

If you were to ask, “Did you receive a gift at supper?” I would blush and say, “No, I did not eat supper.” We snacked and worked on sorting through some piles of bills and receipts that were paid, need to be paid or need to be filed. 161. The best gift in this was that my dear hubby sat with me, encouraging, helping, coaching, shredding, disposing, and more.

Last night I received a gift at supper. We made a quick trip yesterday to Edmonton. We had our evening meal with dear friends we have known since we were first married. I had recommended One Thousand Gfits to her, and she was thanking me. It is giving her some help in the exercise of perspective and gratitude and hard eucharisteo. She lost someone very close to her and the grief is deeper than the soul can bear. The gift was simply being able to listen. I have no answers, but I offer her my love and support. 

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