Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Three Gifts White

Every day is a battle. I simply want to do what I want to do. Obedience is not habitual, it is a choice, especially when it goes against the grain, goes against the easy path, goes against what humanistic philosophy says is right, goes against what feels good (sometimes), is the uphill, more strenuous path; requires perseverance, self-discipline, focus on God instead of me. So when I stop to do the Joy Dare, I must choose - will I speak the gifts with gratitude or will I carelessly throw out answers just to be done with it? For without gratitude, I am not seeing God.

Today, I look for "white" gifts...

162. The light by which I read, muse, walk, compose, write. The light above me in the sky, on the ceiling, behind my monitor and phone display - all white.
163. The batch of donation receipts at work, folded; envelopes stuffed, sealed, stamped and mailed. These white printed papers represent gifts to the Lord over the last calendar year. The generosity of God's people to do God's work. Those gifts help pay my salary.
164. The cord that recharges this laptop. It provides power so I can communicate with the world, explore, learn, grow, share.

May I willingly be recharged by these white gifts and soul-restored by the Shepherd who makes me lie down, leads me beside still waters and paths of righteousness. For His name's sake.

Spiritual warfare is not about the battle between God and Satan, God's already won that; nor is it between Satan and I, he is too strong for me; but it is a battle between who gets the glory: God or Satan. If Satan can get me to doubt God and/or to live for myself or to live Satan's way instead of God's way, that keeps me from giving glory to God. 
(paraphrase from session 13 of Freedom Session by Ken Dyck)

Question: how might living for oneself play into Satan's scheme to keep God from receiving the glory?

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