Monday, February 27, 2012

Multitudes on Monday

I don't have to look at the prompt list today. I have several things that were gifts today.

176. A nurse took my blood sample and it was COMPLETELY painless. You've no idea how much of a gift this is. It has never happened before. Always painful, always multiple attempts. Not today.
177. I got a walk in appointment to see the eye doctor and he referred me to a specialist re: my eye strain.
178. Free hockey tickets.
179. Another night out with my guy.
180. The Spirit of perseverance that pulled me out of a dark blue funk and back into productivity.
181. The husband cleaning the kitchen right now.
182. The fatigue I feel so that I will go straight to bed and hopefully sleep through the night.
183. Quiet time to work.
184. Our son texting us his status updates. Made it to California and is having fun tenting, despite the rain.

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