Thursday, March 22, 2012

3 Things Salty, Sweet, Just Right and more

I continue the Joy Dare: Naming 1,000 gifts in 2012 

Today was "Greek Day" at the Women's Time Out where I work. The first three gifts came from these lovely ladies.

225. First, I witnessed them learning to dance like Zorba the Greek. Laughter, exercise, and fun! It was a "just right" gift.

226. Next, they gave me a plate of Greek food samples. The one most unique was Dolmathakia me Kima (Stuffed Grape Leaves). I can't say that it was particularly "salty", but it was the first experience I've had with anything wrapped in a grape leaf. Variety is the spice (or salt) of life.
227. Sweet: A lovely bite-sized sampling of baklava. Perfect, "sweet" ending to a delightful morning.

228. Snowy. The weather... my goodness! It snowed all morning. I went home, shoveled the driveway and walk - got some good exercise - went inside to have lunch, came back out and voila! the clouds broke and the sun shone. Scant residue of snow had melted.

229. I love my job. Most days. And usually the days I don't are the ones where outside influences are pushing their stressful ways into the job hours. On the rare occasion, the mundane duties require me to buck up and do the task - reminding myself always that there is a rhythm of life that allows "a time for everything" and the littlest task, when done to the glory of God, becomes an offering of worship.

230. My son is on the plane, winging his way homeward. Four short days to be with family. My heart is full.
231. Looking forward to a mini-reunion of sorts with in-laws around meals and a theatrical production this weekend. Music, food and family - almost like a Greek wedding! What could be better?

232. A multitude of affirmations this week from those whom I led in songs of worship this past Sunday.

Grateful. Humbled. Tired. Sad. Rejoicing. Yes, all those emotions can co-exist at the same time.

What are your gifts today? Did you notice them?


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