Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back-Ordered Gratitude

I return to the blog after a stressful week to name gifts, wondering, if I had kept naming them daily, if the stress might not have been so great. However, when the well is dry, to try to be grateful in the tsunami of stress seems as inappropriate as conjuring up water with a divining rod. Here are free and unencumbered gifts seen in the past couple of days:

279. A day trip to the mountains. Calm water. Mt. Rundle.

280. A brief view of wildlife, reminding me of the scripture song: "As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs after (the Lord)... He alone can satisfy". And he alone restores my soul.

281. Just enough melt on Johnson Lake to get a reflecting photo, a quiet moment and a near-spill into the water when I slipped on the bank. Didn't get all wet, just a wee bit muddy.

Ann's list today: fragile things...

282. I give thanks for a fragile ego. God always tells me to bring it to him to fix and it's a little smaller each time he repairs it.

283. The tire stem leaking air, gratitude for the air pump nearby.

284. Democracy is fragile. A little fear mongering, a little intimidation, a little bullying, and all of a sudden this bold woman doesn't want to take a public stand. I'm grateful I still have the right to vote, in private, without fear - knowing it is the Lord who raises up one and takes down another.

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