Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busy Thanks

I continue naming 1,000 gifts in 2012Is it possible to be too busy to be grateful? Here I am, catching up again, but it is good to give thanks. Any time. Any day.

3 Gifts Waited For, April 7
262. An appointment with a nutritionist to deal with newly identified food intolerances.
263. Time to write.
264. Repeatedly singing the song: “We Will Wait” by Amanda Falk in preparation for singing it solo on Sunday.

3 Gifts Rising Up, April 8
265. Standing up to praise in harmony with my husband and long time friend.
266. Waking to Easter morning, all life begun anew
267. A chance to help my son with a computer problem. I'm so glad he asked.

A Gift Hiding, Held, Heard, April 9
268. I looked long and hard for a receipt in order to activate my birthday gift from December (iPad2). The receipt still hides, but the gift in looking was that I know where so many other things are hiding now.
269. I held my iPad2, finally deciding to activate the data plan and begin using it regularly. It meant a trip to the Apple store to get a proper SIM card. 
270. “You don’t need your receipt for that.” –Apple Store rep

3 Gifts Opened Up, April 10
271. The front door to a clean house when I came home. Thankful for people who love to clean for a living.
272. The ears of colleagues who are open to receive input and engage in constructive dialogue.
273. The words and hearts of five other women around my dinner table tonight, giving and receiving the gift of affirmation: what we have meant to each other and how each one has grown in their life and faith in the past seven months.

274. My husband willingly giving me space to entertain my group of women. 

Question: Who needs your affirmation today? What if the only people who will be here tomorrow are the ones you told "Thanks" today?

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