Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas miracles

B reminded me yesterday that tomorrow is the company Christmas banquet. In the afternoon, prior to the dinner, he will be celebrated along with other long service award recipients at a fancy hotel reception. I'm to attend both the reception and the banquet. Afterwards, we get to enjoy a hotel room for the night. Thanks for 25 years of dedicated service.

As I reviewed my closet for appropriate attire, I discovered the need to purchase a blouse for the outfit I wanted to wear to the reception. After browsing the store and trying on half a dozen, I discover that thanks to Dr. Bernstein, I had to buy the smaller size.

When I got home, I tried on several different evening attire combinations. Lo and behold, the blouse that I bought slightly small last year for Christmas is now too big and looks like a sack. Consignment clothing, here we come!

B can't talk. Can't sing. Has to do both in major production starting next Wednesday for 6 nights. Family doc doesn't seem optimistic. Pray for a miracle! If God can get me to reduce weight, he can heal laryngitis!

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