Friday, January 26, 2007

The Dance

He got into the car, breathless from hurrying.

"This was probably the best day of school so far. Ever," he crowed.

"So you enjoyed Phys Ed today? How did the dance go?" I asked.

He proceeded to give me all the details. How the teacher used him as the model to teach new moves. How she was marking the class for their term grade and took certain girls from other partners to pair them with him so that she could evaluate them as they danced "with a partner who really knows how to lead." I listened silently, astounded that he was actually TALKING to me.

"And Mom," he continues, "She danced with me a couple of times and said I was a better dancer than Mr. W!"

Mr. W is the most outspoken PhysEd teacher who didn't like him much last year and said so: "But I like you a lot better now!" He was involved teaching this segment of PhysEd and commented: "You've really got the moves! You're probably the best dancer I've seen in this Phys Ed class yet!"

"Too bad the French students won't be there tomorrow," A sighed.

"Why is that?" I asked, already knowing his favorite dance partner was in the French program.

He rolled his eyes. "All the best looking girls are in French. Why does their schedule not include PhysEd on Fridays?" He banged the dashboard for frustrated emphasis.

"And of course," I sarcastically corrected: "An attractive physical appearance is the MOST important characteristic any girl could possibly have."

"Of course," he smirked, getting my point completely. "There are a couple of pretty girls in English, too, but the rest of them are smart."

The conversation then detoured down Parent Lecture Lane, regarding the imperitive of "How to Evaluate A Prospective Mate" with short illustrated detours down Quality Character cul de sac, Spiritual Values Avenue and Work Ethic Street.
Believe me, he'll need a smart one. One that can support him in the style to which he has become accustomed.

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