Thursday, January 12, 2012

1000 Gifts: Above, Below, Beside

Yesterday would have been my father's birthday. Jan. 11, 1917. He's been gone since Nov. 22, 2002. It was an incredibly dark day for me, unrelated to my father. However, my Father gave me the sunrise. Again. and Again. His light in my darkness. His mercy is new every morning.

I continue to name 1000 Gifts.

38. A gift above me: my father in heaven, finally knowing my Father in Heaven.
39. A gift below me: A comfortable chaise lounge upon which to sit and meditate and view the view and write the gifts.
40. A gift beside me: my puppy dog, who is not a puppy but a grandma nearing the end of her life. She comforts me with her presence. She adores me with her eyes. She follows me everywhere. I matter to her. She is unconditional love.

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