Monday, March 19, 2012

A Week in the Life

I continue the Joy Dare: Naming 1000 gifts in 2012:

217. One of my best friends died this week. She was a gift, taken sooner than I desire. The gift she left me was the example of perseverance, creativity, contentment, selflessness and encourager. She left people with a sense of their own value in the way she valued them.

218. My dog came through anesthetic and dental surgery with flying colors. She has a new lease on life.

219. Denise Hearn of the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre spoke on Pornography: Why Christians Should Care" in church this morning. Eye opening. For more see

220. I led worship this morning at the church where I work. Great musicians joined me.

221. The guitar amp quit in between rehearsal and the service. I had given this all to the Lord so no need to worry. What a gift.


  1. Joyce,
    Your life clearly overflows with abundance. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts, and reminding each of us of the rich gifts in our own lives. My prayers go out to you on the passing of your friend, and to her family. May she rest in the arms of God.
    Peace and good.

  2. Thank you for those kind remarks. We are blessed.