Monday, March 12, 2012

House Guest, Habits and Health

I continue the Joy Dare: Naming 1000 gifts in 2012.

207. It was a gift to give a cup of cold water to someone who asked. They were walking in the park and passed by my workplace. She needed to take a pill, I was glad I could assist. On the rare occasions when I give a cup of cold water to someone in need, I always whisper: "In the name of Jesus".

208. It was an absolute gift to have the son of friends come stay with us while he is taking a First Aid course. We had a wonderful time sharing about the Lord, his song writing and music leading, Narnia books, spiritual friendships, worshipping God.

209. It was a gift to speak seriously with a long time friend about a habit I need to change. A true friend doesn't pull punches. They tell it like it is. And I can hear them because I know they love me, they aren't just telling me what they think I want to hear or what they think is "right", they are speaking God's very truth.

210. It was a gift, that in a round-about way, Kony 2012 and a physically challenged woman helping care for orphans in Sudan have led me back to reconnecting with an in-town friend for lunch. I look forward to what other surprises will come.

211. A hard gift is the engine light staying on in my vehicle. Deciding whether to take it to the shop where I bought it, or to the dealer who knows the vehicle inside out. Knowing I've only had it four months. This is an opportunity to trust God.

212. My dog will have dental surgery Friday. Veterinarians are a gift. Having one close by is a bonus.

213. Antibiotics are a gift. They will hopefully begin to cleanse the infection in my dog's mouth before the surgery commences.

214. Health. Not being sick is such a gift. I am grateful I do not currently have to be on any medication or supplements. I generally feel well, so when my heart wouldn't slow down after exertion this afternoon, it was a red flag.

215. My body tells me when I need to relax.

216. Surprises. I love surprises. Each one is a gift. Lord, help me thank you for every surprise, even if it doesn't come wrapped as one of My Favourite Things. Help me to see your hand as the giver who only gives good gifts.

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