Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sing, Speak, Write, Paint

I woke with a desperate melancholy this morning, and so I return to gaze on beauty and continue naming 1,000 gifts in 2012.

233. A gift sung
Yesterday at the memorial service for my good friend, Carole, her favorite worship leader led us in “Blessed Be the Name”. This was a song which I sang the weekend my father passed away. I remember that comfort as a gift each time I hear the song. The truth of the song is that God gives and takes away and I choose to speak the truth, that either scenario is a blessing intended for my good and his glory.

234. A gift written
My father was a songwriter. He wrote these song lyrics: “Forget not all his benefits, my soul bless thou the Lord. Review his tender mercies and the comfort of his word. Remember well the greatest of the gifts that he has given: eternal life through Christ our Lord and citizenship in heaven.” These include a reference to Psalm 103:2. I recommend the entire Psalm to you.

235. A gift painted
My friend, Michele Bailey, shared the room across the hall from me during my last semester of college 2,000 kms from here. We have remained friends. We now live within 15 minutes of each other and she has become quite the painter. She did a commissioned work for us last year based on a photograph I took of Upper Kananaskis Lake from Mt. Indefatigable (see picture above). Each time I look at the painting I think of my friendship with Michele, how God orchestrated our lives to live near each other, and the blessing that we continue to be in each other's lives.

236. A gift spoken - an incredible gift to me this morning...
This video is excellent and well worth the 43 minutes to view. John Lynch speaks about what could be the most profound decision you will make in your life: “There are two roads at an intersection, the road to pleasing God and the road to trusting God. You can only choose one.” –John Lynch, The Cure

Questions: What have you sung, read, heard or seen today that was a gift?

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